I hope you are well.  I have some dates for you so click on Performances and check them out.  Cannon Beach and the Businesses are on hold at Oregon's "re-opening phase II."  So the posted dates are all outside (weather permitting).  The Bistro and Seasons Cafe will have take out that you can order ahead of time and sit outside and participate in the long awaited for live music. Notice that two of the July Dates are in the Park Downtown on Spruce Street.  There are many places open in town with take out and Cannon Beach has an outdoor open bottle law that allows you to have adult beverages outside in the park if you are 21 and older.  This does not anyway imply that you may have an open bottle in a car, and our police department, while quite friendly, will pull you over if they think you may have had too much to drink.  So a beer or bottle of wine in the park ok, a joint no.  No pot smoking in public though there are 3 places open in town to sell you that too.  I hope to see you soon.